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Dimitriy Gritsenko

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Born and raised in the Pacific North West, I have fallen in love with nature and the beauty of God’s creation. Early on, I began art lessons with a realist teacher from St. Petersburg. After grade school I began my fine art studies at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. One and half year later, I decided to make painting my full time occupation, focusing on developing my style.

I have always been fascinated with light and trying to capture its qualities on a 2-d surface. My technique varies, yet for the most part I begin a painting with thinned luminous earth colors, building up the layers with semi opaque and opaque colors. Even though the greatest luminosity is achieved by letting paint dry between layers, sometimes I’ll start and finish in a single session, keeping my brushwork loose and saving the details for focal points. Oils are my favorite medium however I do charcoal drawings as well as traditional icons in egg tempera.