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Dimitriy Gritsenko

Dimitriy Gritsenko was born in Seattle and grew up in Everett, the home town of one of Washington's most famous artists, Chuck Close. 

After finishing public school, Dimitriy moved to San Francisco to study at the well-known Art Academy University of San Francisco.

It was in San Francisco that he developed his interest in the medium of oil and painting on canvas and linen. While he loves to paint the beauty of God’s creation and his genres vary, he is currently focusing on the subject matter on cityscapes. San Francisco was a fantastic location to embrace his interest in cityscapes and the 24/7 life that keeps that city so electric. Seattle now provides a great backdrop for his newest works.

Working with a variety of tools to apply the paint, Dimitriy paints with passion, energy and confidence easily visible in his work and all the while finding the gritty life of the city as the perfect subject.

A local Seattle favorite subject is Pike Place Market with its often wet and reflective pavement, neon lights burning through the mist and bustling shoppers hustling to avoid the rain that embraces the Seattle lifestyle and upbeat culture.