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Dimitriy Gritsenko

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I'm a representational fine art painter living and working in the city of Everett. I've been creative ever since I was a kid so I thought it would be appropriate to spend my time doing what I enjoy and what inspires me to share with others. I studied at the Academy of Art and along with other artist in private. I enjoy painting in alla prima approach, employing bold brushstrokes and working on the painting as a whole. My favorite medium is oil however I practice watercolor, egg tempera, and charcoal as well. I try to make art everyday, and sometimes I paint plein air.

I've always been inspired by art and in return I try to illustate subjects people can relate to. By adding hints and metaphors, I avoid painting simply "pretty pictures". I start with abstract use of color, line and form before refining and creating likeness to my subject; just as in building a pyramid you start with a large rough platform before gradually building a body and finally the peak(details). My work is realistic but not "photographic" because almost anyone can copy, yet originality requires deeper understanding, confidence, and individuality. I believe every person should expess thier beliefs and message clearly to the greater audience: I try doing so by painting realistic subjects humans interact with on a daily basis- our like, mammals, and the surrounding environment.


"Working with Dimitriy Gritsenko for my wedding was easy. I felt like I could trust him to paint a memorable artwork. We received professionalism and exceptional quality art on the day of our wedding. His work was entertaining for our guests and now hangs proudly as a focal point in our living room. He's a talented young man with a bright artistic future ahead. We highly recommend working with Dimitriy!" -Christina